Kristen Renee (kiersten15) wrote,
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procrastination is a bitch

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Oooooooooh lord. I have a book report due tomorrow. I haven't started the book yet. What to do. What to do. I need to get my ass into gear and get motivated. I really need to work hard and get good grades this semester. And I need to remember to transfer my grades to HFCC. Oops. Should've done that a while ago. Oh well. So I think I decided I want to take classes at Eastern. I just don't know if I'm going to go next year or for my Junior year. I was talkin to A*Ho Monday night about school and she said she was going into fashion merchandising. So I thought, hey, I like clothes. I like fashion. Mac always tells me I should go into fashion because I'm always analying people's clothes on tv or whatever. So I looked around. Seems like really the only place around here that has anything is Eastern. Perfect. And I'll probably go for a double major in that and management. Either that or just get my minor in management. Or marketing. I'm finally getting some direction in life. Now I just need to get the damn motivation. I was talking to my Mikey today and he said that if he gets the assistant coaching job at Eastern then in like 5 or so years the head coach will probably go to a bigger school like Michigan State or something and mac would go with him and then that would pave the way for him to get a head coaching job at a smaller school like Eastern and then he could get up to the bigger schools after that. He said that's how alot of head coaches get up there. It's just so exciting. I'm so incredibly happy for him I just can't help myself from saying it over and over. He said he really wants to go to Eastern next year. I know he has a good time at Central I just think he'd be happier at home. Especially if he's getting a chance to do something that he absolutely loves. It just saves you sooooooo much money to be home. It's absolutely ridiculous. I haven't spent like 1/20th of what I spent at school by this time. But alright I should go work on reading. But I think I might make a new layout for my lj instead. I get bored of things fast. If you didn't know me that well. See ya later bitches!
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