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Im getting sick! Boo. So I had a good night last night. Went over my dads and had chinese which I haven't had in forever so that was good. Then I came back to my moms and Rose showed up. We just sat around watchin Friends for a few until Mac and Goob showed up. And then all of a sudden it was me with about 10-15 guys. I sat upstairs waitin for the girls to show up. So Martin came and then Ashley Howard and Mike Pangrazzi, both of who I was ecstatic to see, then Hanny and then Mary. So we sat upstairs talking and it was really a good time. Especially because Howard told me that Ferris just signed up for the Facebook. I can't tell you how excited I was. No more stupid FerrisFacebook or College Facebook. I'm big time now bitches. So anyway I think I got to sleep around like 5am and Mac, KWill, Joey, and I think Sean were still downstairs playing cards. So Mac comes up to my room to go to sleep and I guess I was like having a bad dream about him playing cards or something becasue I just went off on him like I was screaming at him and told him to get the hell out of my house and that I wasn't going to lend him anymore money and then I broke up with him. Wow it was weird. He said he was like scared for his life becasue I told him I was going to elbow him in the face as hard as I could. I'm so violent. I've been really cranky lately when I get woken up. I think I got it from him. But so yeah that was interesting. And so we slept and I woke up at like 1030 and cleaned up the house. Oh yeah I went like OCD last night and started vaccuuming at around 4am I think. I mean, hello. I was intense cleaning like I got all the cans together and put things back in their place and vaccuumed the whole upstairs. I was crazy. So now I'm just waitin for my parents to get home. I'm hungry. They need to feed me. Oh well. Talk to you later bitches. Love!
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