Kristen Renee (kiersten15) wrote,
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So my mom woke me up at 9:20 this morning. I was not very happy about this turn of events. I just want to sleeeeeeeep. This is the perfect time too cause they went to the movies. So why am I not asleep? I have no idea. I'm about to call Mac and see what he's doing. I can always fall asleep quick at his house. I don't know what it is. I think they pump sleeping gas through the vents. So my parents are gonna be gone tomorrow night. I think I want to have some people over. I need to drink and hang out. I haven't drank in sooo long. It seems like forever. I'm kinda glad though. I'm staying relatively healthy. I haven't eaten fast food since like New Years time. I also haven't drank any pop in a couple weeks. I've been eating alot of fruit and drinking pretty much only water. I want to lose 3 lbs. That's it. I love myself at 115. I think it's like the perfect weight. And it fits me well at 5'6. I just feel bloated all the time...ew. Stupid water weight. I don't think I'm going to be able to handle being pregnant when I get older. I hate seeing myself with any kind of weight gain. Even if it's barely noticable. I'm ocd about it. I wish I was ocd about working out. I need to get in shape. I probably couldn't run around the block without being out of breath. Stupid laziness. I must conquer it. I want to take a pilates class. I need to do it with someone who will keep me motivated. So the search is on. Well I'm gonna try to take a lil nappy-poo. Nighty Nite.

P.S.-The mission to convince my dad to buy me a sidekick for easter is on. Wish me luck!!
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