Kristen Renee (kiersten15) wrote,
Kristen Renee

what am i doing awake?

[mood| Image hosted by exhausted]
[music| shhhh it's sleepy time ]

Soooo I spent like 3 hours working on this damn layout. But I'm proud of myself. For the most part. There's still some stuff I would change but I enjoy it as of right now. Yay for me! Mikey fell asleep early tonight so I decided I would let him sleep and I came home. And here I am at 3:42 am. Still awake. Am I freaking insane? I think so! I'm watching Newlyweds and it's so bad for me to watch because I just fall in love with Daisy more and more every time I watch it. SOOOOOO CUTE!! I can't wait until I get my puppy. Which I will get, thank you. Ugh I dont think I can stay up any longer. I know my mom's going to wake me up for church in the morning too. GAY! I'm so over church and catholicism right now. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it right now. Pray for the apartment to open up soon. Goodnight loves.
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