Kristen Renee (kiersten15) wrote,
Kristen Renee

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you make me wanna la la

I get bored...I play around on the computer. I made my new header. Oooh...aaah...yeah, I know. I love playing around in photoshop. There's just so much you can do. Yeap that's right I'm a big computer geek. I've been around computers since I was about 9. They're kind of second nature to me. We had AOL when it first came out and was slow as hell. It was an interesting time, back then.

I want a sidekick. I think I may get a sidekick. They're just so cute and look like so much fun. I would be addicted so fast. Unlimited AIM!?! HELLO!! I would text my megan 24/7.

My Mikey's home. A whole entire a couple more days. Oh how excited I am!! :D

I'm sleeepy. I think I may go to bed.

Goodnight loves, have pleasant dreams.
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