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i need to marry into wealth...

Ok so I'm out of control. So I want this Juicy bag. I want this Juicy pet carrier after I get my maltipoo puppy that I want. I want the entire handbag collection from Dooney and Boukre. Chanel sunglasses. And thes gorgeous True Religion jeans. Where did this designer hook come from? Oh well I credit it to the bahamas and the purchase of my first Dooney bag. Damn heat. So I need to marry someone rich so that they can support my needs. I bought my wallet today! horray!!! I was sooo excited. I called like 15 different stores and finally found it out in waterford. So I drove 40 minutes for a wallet and then came back home. Silly me. So worth it though. I wish they made checkbook covers. :P Well I need to get to sleep. I decided I'm skipping Econ and Psych tomorrow so I can study for Sociolgy. I just had a test in both classes so I shouldn't miss anything. Lucky me! And on that note...I'm goin to bed. See YOU in the a.m.

Oh and baby comes home tomorrow!!! For over a week!!!! YAY!
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