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school's for fools

"One day you're just living life...and the next day, someone comes along, and you can't imagine how you ever lived your life without them."

Ah love. I think back to 2 years ago. What my relationship was like back then. I don't even know if you could call it a relationship exactly. I had no idea what I was doing. Mac was my first real boyfriend. I was stupid (not saying much has changed in THAT department). I can't believe we made it through that point. And then I look at everything we've been through. I can remember every event in our relationship, significant or not. What really suprises me is that he pretty much can too. I was talking to him about a big point in our relationship and I didn't know the exact date, just that it was either that monday or tuesday and he got mad at me for not knowing the date (which he did). He just always seems to suprise me. There's no one that I could get more frustrated or irritated with. But there's no one that I could be more in love with. I was looking through my Junior year photo album the other day and came across pictures before we started going out or right after and it's just crazy how much of a smile it brought to my face. I love remembering the past. I love thinking how much we've both grown as people and in our relationship. I really don't know how I lived my life without him before. He brought out so much in me that I didn't know was there. I know I make a big deal about some things but it's just because I know what I saw and still see in him and I think, ya know...someone else is going to see that in him and they're going to be better than me and he's going to realize it. I'm just a jealous person naturally. It comes from being an only child the first 15 years of my life. I can't handle him with other girls. Especially girls he has history with. Ok I lied...ANY GIRLS. It's just hard for me. And I know I'm dumb cause, of the friends I do have, I'd say more are guys. And I know that the lp guys tell mac, oh man me and your gf are gonna go have sex, or, kristen's hot man what are you doing with her. But it's different! I don't know how...but it is. Cause he's not a jealous person. I AM! But...I know that he knows how much I really do love him. And I know the same from him. To me it seems like the past 23 months have flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in Katie's room wasted just staring out the window laughing to myself and he walked in. God, it was just chance that he came upstairs to use the bathroom. It was just by crazy CHANCE that we ended up together. It's like it was fate. And I could not be happier that we did end up together. As much as I complain...its all because I just miss him when he's gone. In a perfect world I could see him every day. Guess I'll just have to wait for summer to get anything close to that. Until then...I'm actually happy to be able to miss him. Cause it makes seeing him one-thousand times more special.

SO ANYWAY. I just had to share my love cause I'm so excited I get to see him in 2 days and I'm feeling especially loving. But yea...I'm skipping my first 2 classes today. Oops. We took a test thursday in poli-sci so why go today? And in and erica didn't do our project so we just decided to skip today and thursday. Maybe go out to know. I'm such a bad kid. Hey. At least I don't skip as much as mac does. He's bad! I have to call surma today and find out when she wants to schedule an interview. Yep you heard right. I may have a job. Me and surma went and applied friday and our friend mike works there and said we should schedule an interview with his boss at the same time so she can get us both out of the way quicker. He said we basically have the jobs. It's just Sams Club but hey, it's like 5 blocks away from my house and it's money. And money equals apartment. I hope my mom talks to jen today to see if it's ours. The guy was supposed to pay her Friday and didn't. So it's lookin damn good right now. I can't wait. I talked to Ashley about it cause I know she didn't drink before and like really looked down on it and I was like, I can't do that. I want an apartment where I can chill out with my roomie and drink some beers, martinis, or margaritas one night and watch tv or movies. I wanna be able to have people over whenever or if mac wants to play cards over at the place. And suprisingly, she really didn't care. I think that this is her chance to really get out there and actually live. She said that she was down for drinking now but she doesn't drink beer. Hellooo....I will definately change that. I'm like a rarity as in beer never tasted bad to me. I liked it from the start. All of my friends say it's an acquired taste and they all hated it when they first started drinking it. Therefore, I get bragging rights. hehehehe. But yea. I'm really excited for it. I figure once I move out, I'll still cook dinner on wednesday but I'll just cook it at my moms. And then thursday I'll watch the apprentice over my dad's house. That way I'm still spending time with them. And hey...I might actually try and make it to church sunday morning and maybe breakfast..if i'm not dead from saturday night that is. We'll see how things go. But oh well. I'm waiting for erica to call to see if we're going to breakfast. Talk to you losers later.
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