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Ok. So gorgeous weather makes me soooo happy. I just get in the best mood ever when it's nice out. I think I have seasonal depression. I wasn't built for the cold. It's not normal to wear sweats when it's 80 degrees out. But yes, I do it. Because I'm always cold. I deserve to live in Arizona or Cali. Oh, p.s. I'm sitting outside right now on my laptop. Thank the Lord for wireless internet. I think that fact that I'm online and outside just makes me 20x more happier.

I had my first day of work yesterday. Oh my lord did my legs hurt like hell after. I woke up today and my knees were burning they felt like they were seriously on fire. It kinda sucked. But...according to my calculations...I did make $63 yesterday alone. I get paid $7/hour to train and I worked 9 hours. 9 hours. Ridiculous. ICE CREAM TRUCK! ok wow that excited me...sorry for the outburst. First ice cream truck of the year. That's something to celebrate. But anyways. I like it...the guys are all really cool. I got to ring a couple things up so maybe that'll give me a few extra bucks. Maybe not though. Oh well. It's fun. I just have to get the hang of everything. There's so much to memorize. And I'm still scared that one day someone's going to come in yelling at me about their phone and I'm just gonna cry. I would do something like that. I'm Kristen. I'm sensitive. Something I'm sure I'll have to get over.

Martin just informed me about the 50/Eminem concert. August 12. At COPA. Eminem, 50 cent, Lil Jon, Obie, D12. It's going to be the absolute best time ever. I cannot wait. I told him to get tickets. Mac already said that he wanted to go. So that's what I'm most excited for right now. Even though its....5 months away. Wow. 5 months. 5 months and Mac will be going back to school, i'll be starting at eastern, it'll be like 4 months away from Christmas. Time just flies by so much faster as you get older. Years lasted forever as a kid. I kinda miss it. But HELLO. I turn 19 in 40 days bitches. Ashley Howard...I know you read this...Get your ass ready. My mom's getting me hotel rooms at the casino. We're going Saturday night cause my Bdays on a Sunday and we're gonna rock out at midnight. It's gonna be intense. You should go! I want everyone to go. I want it to be the best birthday ever. I'm just gonna be obligerant. And I won't have to worry about crossing the border...I'll only be a 5 minute cab ride from where I'm staying. Granted, I probably won't be able to make it up to the room without serious help from someone. It'll be hot though. Promise.

But ok. I have to find out where my mommy is so we can go to Pennys and get pants for me to wear to work tomorrow. My Mikey will be home in 2 days and then it's anniversary weeekned!!!! YAAAAYYYY! 2 years. Geez. Talk to you later my loves.
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