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So just got in a fight with my mom. She told me she didn't love me. Told me she didn't care if I never came home. I'm feeling really good about myself right now. I stay home every single night for like 3 months. I never do ANYTHING. So Mac comes home for a week. I spend the week with him. During this week they look for any single god damn thing to bitch at me for. It's like I'm the worst kid in the world. Like I never spend time with them and I'm out partying every single night. No. Wrong. I thought I was going to get to spend time with my mom Wednesday. Just hang out-go shopping. Nope. Scott comes and I end up walking from store to store by myself. She's either behind me or ahead of me messing with him. So I do not want to hear her bitch to me about spending time with me. It's sooo frustrating. I wish I lived away from here. I just want my own place. I actually would love to live out of state right now. So I didn't have to be anywhere near them. Whatever. As soon as Mac's done eating dinner I'm going to be back over there. I wish I didn't have to come home. Actually...I might ask if I can just spend the night at Mac's tonight. It would make me feel a hell of a lot better.

On the flip side. I do have good news. Coach Price knows someone who's up for the Eastern head basketball coach job. If the guys gets it...Coach Price is going to be the assistant coach. Then Mac's going to be guaranteed a spot on board. They were talking about it hard core last night. Like about him going to Eastern next year for his internship and they were like, we'll just make up some bull shit degree for you at eastern so you can graduate there. Do you even know how exciting that is? A real coaching job for him. At a college. Close to home! I'm just like sooooo unbelieveably happy for him. You have no idea. This is a great oppourtunity for him and I really hope that it works out. And plus...he would be back home. So of course that makes me happy too. lol. But I really do hope he gets it just becasue I know how much it means to him.

I hate going home. Any time I'm away from him...I miss him. It's like I couldn't be happier. He is everything and more to me. I fall more in love every day. 2 years in just a month! Best 2 years of my life...
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