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i have direction!!!!

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Ok so I'm so excited!! I finally have direction in my life. I've decided that I'm going to Easten next year to start education in fashion merchandising. It's totally motivated me to get good grades and work harder. This is something I seriously want to do. Mac always tells me I should be in this and tonight I was talking to my dad about it. He was like, I've always told you that you have an eye for colors and fabrics and stuff. He's really supportive of it and thinks it's a great idea for me. I'm so excited. I can't even describe it. I was talking to Megan about it too. (p.s...i miss her like crazy) She said that she totally wants to say screw teaching and get into it too. I think it would be a good field for her. We're so much alike. If she were my roommate...oh lord I would adore it. We'd have so much fun together. We didn't fight once at Ferris. We just have personalities that go really well together and just can't get sick of each other. I love her! We're supposed to hang out either this weekend or 2 weeks from this weekend. Since Mac will be home next weekend and he just absorbs all of my time. Not that I'm complaining. I love spending all the time in the world with the love of my life. I yelled at him today though because he's like a different person up there and puts me behind everything else going on. All I ask is for a little phone time but noooo playing beer die (or playing cards, or watching espn, or talking to his rooommates, or getting wasted) is more important than taking 5 minutes out to talk to me, his gf. Stupid boys. I told him if he did it again I'd break up with him. Maybe I can scare him into making time to talk to me. lol. I'm so mean. But yea me and Megan were talking and said we should join the AXiD chapter at Eastern. How hilarious would that be? The AXiD girls at Ferris would shit themselves. They would just lose it. I actually would love to do it just to spite them. But no I really still think about greek life alot. It seems like it would have been such a great opportunity. Too bad it was ruined by a bunch of fake bitches. Word on the street is that they still talk about us. It's like, hello...seriously...get over yourselves..and get over us. I didn't know me and Meg had that big of an impact on you. I mean, I know we're hot and have great personalities...(just not conceited!!! i'm a very modest person). So anyway. Yep. That's about it. It's 130 and I think I should get some sleep. I want to make a Dunkin Donuts run tomorrow morning to pick up an iced latte. I am dying for an iced chai from starbucks but there's just not enough time cause they're always so packed in the morning. sounds like heaven though. Oh well I'll settle for a latte. Just something to pick me up. Have a great night. Love you bitches!
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